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Ai artist and British film editor Duncan Thomsen - London born, based in Brighton UK, has become a standout figure in the realm of AI-generated art. Here, you'll find an extraordinary collection that cleverly blends historical events, modern-day culture and imaginative visions of the future, all through the innovative use of artificial intelligence. And it is this pioneering use of Ai leveraged as a creative tool, that push boundaries to produce a portfolio that's as diverse as it is intriguing.

His historical pieces are more than mere recreations - they're reimagined narratives, offering a fresh perspective on events like the Battle of Waterloo and the groundbreaking Last Supper of Christ. These artworks allow us to view the past through a contemporary lens, blending fact with creative speculation and bringing new perspectives on cultural heritage.

Duncan's Ai art is featured regularly in many of the worlds leading newspapers and press publications such as The Daily Mail,The Mirror, The Sun, New York Post, Metro including many others, and has appeared on Sky News talking about Ai and its role in todays commercial landscape.

Insights & Reflections

Thomsen's art also ventures boldly into the future. His depictions of future cities and lifestyles offer insights into how technology, like electric scooters and advanced AI, might reshape our world. These works are not just about futuristic aesthetics but reflect deeper societal and lifestyle shifts. Aside from his artistic endeavors, Thomsen's flair for AI art has attracted commercial interest, highlighting his ability to adapt his unique style to a variety of contexts and client needs.

Digital Showcase

As you explore this website, you'll journey through Thomsen's creative mind. Each section, from the diverse portfolio in the AI gallery to the latest updates, offers a window into his artistic vision and the transformative potential of AI in art. Dive into this digital showcase to experience a captivating intersection of history, modern culture, and future possibilities, all seen through the innovative and imaginative lens of Duncan Thomsen. ...view more

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