This portfolio presents a broad collection of AI-generated art, illustrating the vast capabilities of AI in the realm of visual creation. The images range from intricately detailed historical scenes to bold, contemporary designs, showcasing the adaptability and precision of AI in multiple artistic styles.

Each image is a showcase of the transformative power AI has on the art, advertising and commercial businesses. They demonstrate AI's potential in creative fields and the diversity in styles and themes underscores AI's role in broadening the horizons of expression.

The portfolio highlights the revolutionary impact of AI in the art world. It demonstrates how AI provides efficient and innovative solutions for creative challenges, facilitating the production of diverse and high-quality content. This paves the way for new avenues in artistic exploration, reshaping how we conceive and engage with art in the digital age.

Duncan's Ai art is featured regularly in the worlds leading newspapers and press publications such as The Daily Mail, The Mirror, The Sun, New York Post, Metro including many others, and has appeared on Sky News talking about Ai and its role in todays commercial landscape.