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In the UK, AI artists are reshaping the world of art and advertising with their cutting-edge creations. By leveraging AI algorithms, From digital artworks to immersive installations, AI artists are sparking discussions about the convergence of technology and creativity, which is fundamentally altering the landscape of contemporary and commercial art. As a UK AI artist, Duncan Thomsen's innovative use of AI design has propelled him into the spotlight, captivating audiences with viral works that reimagine classic themes through modern technology and challenge artistic norms. His AI-generated projects, like an AI Jesus selfie and a contemporary reinterpretation of the Last Supper, showcase his inventive approach to storytelling. With a dozen or more AI online virals under his belt, Duncan stands as the most commercially published UK AI artist globally. This recognition is attracting the attention of some of the biggest companies today within the UK and abroad.

UK AI Artist UK AI Artist Duncan Thomsen | View portfolio here

AI Art in commercial projects for big brands sees Duncan providing key artwork for Coca Cola and Minute Maids' inaugural AI feature shorts for the 2024 Runway Film competition. Beyond his viral successes, he has showcased versatility and depth as an editor by working on a broad variety of entertainment shows, documentaries, and films. As a director, he has received accolades including 'Best Comedy' at the Los Angeles PFF and 'Best in Festival' at the Heart of England FF. Duncan's diverse background and experience have provided him with a unique perspective on narrative construction, enabling him to craft compelling stories across diverse platforms. In the ever-changing landscape of digital storytelling, Duncan Thomsen's career exemplifies adaptability and a steadfast commitment to storytelling excellence.

Each image is a showcase of the transformative power AI has on the art, advertising and commercial businesses. They demonstrate AI's potential in creative fields and the diversity in styles and themes underscores AI's role in broadening the horizons of expression.

Duncan's portfolio highlights the revolutionary impact of AI in the art world. It demonstrates how AI provides efficient and innovative solutions for creative challenges, facilitating the production of diverse and high-quality content. This paves the way for new avenues in artistic exploration, reshaping how we conceive and engage with art in the digital age.

Duncan's Ai art is features regularly in the worlds leading newspapers and press publications, and he has appeared on Sky News talking about Ai and its role in todays commercial landscape. Originally from London he is now residing in Brighton and can be contacted here.

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