Duncan Thomsen's groundbreaking, Ai-generated, Iconinc selfie series, where history meets the modern era in a captivating display of creativity and technological prowess. These unique images are more than just art - they are a testament to the incredible potential of artificial intelligence in reimagining the past. They herald the Ai age with billions of views and publicity in worldwide press and media.
This work is seen as a demonstration of how Ai can blend historical elements with modern aesthetics, leading to a new form of artistic expression. This aspect of his selfies contributed significantly to their viral appeal, highlighting the evolving role of Ai in creative fields. Each piece is a blend of historical authenticity and contemporary flair, not just popular for their creativity but also serving as a showcase of the capabilities of artificial intelligence in image generation.

These are now for sale as NFT and the copyright is included.

Agincourt Ai NFT image for sale

Price on Request

Early Man Ai NFT image for sale

Early Man
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